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    CO2 Keg Charger + Disconnect


    Out of stock

    Premium Quality Keg Charger and Disconnect. Genuine Innovations Brand.
    Ideal for dispensing party kegs. Just connect directly to your keg "gas in" post & use the trigger to apply gas as required. 
    Takes 16gm threaded CO2 bulbs. Includes MFL Disconnect.

    CO2 Keg Charger Bulbs - 16GM (4 pack)


    Out of stock

    Threaded CO2 Bulbs for Keg Charger.

    CO2 Regulator - Dual gauge (Micromatic)


    Out of stock

    Micromatic Premium Plus Co2 Regulator
    Having researched the various regulators on the market, this unit with
    it's great looks, build quality & safety features, we believe it to be the best
    value premium model there is.

    CO2 Regulator - Repair Kit (Micromatic)


    Out of stock

    Got beer in your Micromatic regulator?
    This repair kit should cover all your needs.
    Warning: Regulators are a pressure instrument & repairs should only
    be carried out by a qualified fitter.

    CO2 Regulator Gauge (Micromatic 0-800 Kpa)


    Out of stock

    Replacement low pressure Micromatic Regulator Gauge. This gauge has a right hand thread, so not suitable for all regulators.

    CO2 Regulator Gauge Cage (Micromatic)


    Out of stock

    Protect your Mircomatic regulator with this versatile cage.
    Please Note:  Does not include regulator.

    CO2 Regulator Gauge LHT (Micromatic 0-21,000 Kpa) LEFT HAND THREAD


    Out of stock

    Replacement high pressure Micromatic Regulator Gauge. This gauge has a left hand thread, so not suitable for all regulators. Generally suits Micromatic Premium Regulator with adjustment knob. This gauge does not fit Premium Plus Regulator with allen key adjustment.

    Gas Manifold 4 Way Barbed


    Out of stock

    Gas Manifold for up to 4 lines.Splits Gas line into 4 lines with independent barbed ball valve on each outlet.

    Gas Manifold 2 Way. Barbed


    In stock

    Gas Manifold 3 way


    Limited stock

    Gas manifold for up to 3 lines.

    Nitrogen Regulator Harris 821


    Out of stock

    Harris 821 Nitrogen Regulator. Type 50 fitting to suit Nitrogen and Nitrogen/Co2 blend cylinders.

    Regulator Co2 Keg King Mark 3


    Out of stock

    Economical Co2 regulator. Perfect for a basic keg system if you are on a tight budget or an economical second reg for your portable keg system. Can be used for multiple gases (Nitro and Oxygen) by replacing the stem. (Comes fitted with a Type 30 nut and stem for Co2)

    Regulator Gauge - Harris HP


    In stock

    Regulator Gauge - Harris LP


    In stock

    Shutoff Valve for Gas Manifold MFL


    In stock

    Shutoff  Ball Valve for Gas Manifold. 1/4" NPT x 1/4" MFL.
    You will also need either a Swivel Nut & Barb Kit
    or our preference a Female Adaptor 1/4" FFL x 5/16" (8mm)

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