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    Liquid Yeast - Lambic

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    Gel Packs (Techni Ice)


    In stock

    Our Gel Packs are deep frozen to help keep your goods cooler during transit.
    1 pack is approx the same size as the Wyeast packet & weighs 245 gms.
    Select as many packs as you like, but we recommend  min 2 in hot weather.

    Wyeast 3203PC - De Bom Sour Blend


    Out of stock

    Wyeast 3203-PC - De Bom Sour Blend - Manufactured July 2014  NEW RELEASE
    Wyeast developed De Bom to create authentic Old- and New-World sour ale profiles
    but in a fraction of the time required by previous, less manly cultures.

    Wyeast 3209PC - Oud Bruin Ale Blend


    Out of stock

    Wyeast 3209PC - Oud Bruin Ale Blend - Manufactured July 2014  NEW RELEASE
    Because the people don’t want something new … they want something Oud. And Bruin.
    This new exclusive sour blend is built for dark, malt-accented sour styles

    Wyeast 3278 - Belgian Lambic Blend


    Limited stock

    Wyeast 3763PC - Roeselare Ale


    In stock

    Wyeast 3789PC - Trappist Blend


    Out of stock

    Wyeast 3789PC Trappist Blend - Manufactured July 2017.
    A unique blend of Belgian Saccharomyces & Brettanomyces for emulating
    Trappist style beer from the Florenville region in Belgium. Phenolis, mild fruitiness 
    & complex spicy notes develop with increased fermentation temperatures. 
    Subdued but classic Brett Character.

    Wyeast 5112 - Brett Bruxellensis


    Limited stock

    Wyeast 5151PC - Brettanomyces Claussenii


    Out of stock

    Wyeast 5151PC Brett Claussenii -  Manufactured Jul 2016.
    Clearance Special: Manufactured July 2016.
    Was: $20.90 Now:$10.00

    Isolated from English stock ale, this wild yeast produces a mild Brett 
    character with overtones of tropical fruit & pineapple. It ferments best 
    in worts with a reduced PH after primary fermentation has begun.

    Wyeast 5223PC - Lactobacillius Brevis


    Out of stock

    Wyeast 5223-PC Lactobacillus brevis - Manufactured July 2014  NEW RELEASE
    Unlike most lactic acid bacteria used in brewing, Lactobacillus brevis
    will tolerate higher levels of IBUs in wort. Weast 5223 will produce alcohol
    along with lactic acid during fermentation.

    Wyeast 5335 - Lactobacillus


    Limited stock

    Wyeast 5335 - Lactobacillus - Manufactured Nuvember 2017.
    This culture produces moderate levels of acidity and is commonly found in many 
    types of beers including gueuze, lambics sour brown ales & Berliner Weisse

    Wyeast 5526 - Brett Lambicus


    Limited stock

    Wyeast 5526 - Brett Lambicus - Manufactured  Apr 2017.
    Wild yeast isolated from Belgian lambic beers. Produces a pie cherry-like flavour
    and sourness along with distinct brett character.

    Wyeast 5733 Pediococcus


    In stock

    Liquid Yeast - Lambic

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