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    liquid Syringe (0.3ml)

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    Wakatu (Hallertau Aroma) Hops (Flowers 90gm)

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    Wakatu (Hallertau Aroma) hop flowers. NZ - Crop 2014 (AA 7.7%)  
    Slightly less spicy than Hallertau Mittlefrüh. This hop variety has a distinct 
    mix of floral & slightly citrus character, with superb aroma quality.

    Wai-iti Hop Flowers NZ (Flowers 90g)

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    Wai-iti Hop flowers. NZ - Crop 2014 (AA 4.2%)
    This hop has a reasonable weight of oil which is further enhanced as a ratio to alpha based on this variety being selected as a low alpha type to showcase its aroma characters which are startlingly of citrus made up of mandarin, lemon and lime zest..really intense. Low Coh adds to the overall quality of the finish which is soft.

    Mangrove Jack's M42 New World Yeast 10g


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    Ethanol Sanitiser


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    Ethanol is one of the best possible brewery sanitisers available and at the 70% concentration its able to pass right into the cell wall of most microorganisms killing them instantly. 

    Starsan 16oz (approx 500ml)


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    The preferred sanitiser for many commercial breweries.
    An acid based, no-rinse sanitiser that is quick, odourless, tasteless.
    Great for hard to sanitise equipment & places where you can not keep
    full liquid contact all the time.