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    Inoculation Needle - Nichrome

    Nichrome metal with aluminum handle.
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    Beer/Gas Line (Valpar - Super FlexMaster)

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    John Guest Gas & Beer line ID 6mm OD 8mm


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    Washer - Stainless Steel


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    Stainless Steel Washer to fit our threaded 1/2" pipe.

    Silicone O'Ring - 20mm ID


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    High temperature O-Ring for sealing ball valves etc through kettle & HLT
    walls. The O'rings are 3.5mm thick, helping seal on non-flat surfaces. Price is for 1 O'ring.

    Cask Widge Float - Red 9-11g


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    Cask Widge Float - Red 9-11g. Fantastic little float device that we use in our casks for our handpumped ales at Bacchus Brewery. The plastic float with SS mesh will draw beer from just under the surface of the liquid. So it doesn't matter how much yeast or hop material is sitting at the bottom of the keg. You will always draw off debris free beer. Perfect for use in a corny keg for dispensing in the same way. An absolute must if you like dry hopping or naturally carbonating in the keg. Simply replace the longer liquid dip tube with a shorter gas dip tube. The silicone hose will fit snugly over the shorter diptube inside the keg. Hose length approx 580 mm.