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    Gas Manifold 2 way MFL

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    Ziplock Pouches - Medium

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    10 or more for just 0.50c each. Price automatically updated when selected.
    Free standing, clear fronted, heavy duty, ziplock pouches 
    They hold up to 2 x 90gm of hop pellets each.

    Keg - Poppet Valve Universal


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    Universal Poppet Valve for Cornelius style kegs.

    Keg Seal Kit


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    Includes 2 gaskets for the dip tubes, 2 for the keg posts & one lid o-ring.
    These kits work for Ball lock and most Pin lock kegs.

    The Ultimate Growler


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     The ULTIMATE Growler - 2 Litre
    This growler is made from 304grade stainless steel.

    Stainless Steel Hop Tube


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    This hop tube is ideal for addling larger amounts of hop pellets or flowers to a keg or kettle. The fine mesh will prevent large particles from blocking the dip tube, pumps or chillers. It will hold up to approximately 150g of hop pellets, allowing for some space to allow full extraction of the hop oils. Ideal for IPA's and dry hopping in the keg, can also be used for fruits, wood chips, spices and more. Includes a small ring so it can be hung for the keg lid or side of the vessel. Made from quality 304 Grade Stainless Steel Tube Size: 6.6cm diameter, 29.7cm tall