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    Belgian Candi Syrup - Dark (500ml) (Approx 700 Grams)

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    Belgian Candi Syrup - Dark (500ml) (Approx 700 Grams)

    Belgian Candi Syrup - Dark (500ml) (Approx 700 Grams)

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    Belgian Candi Syrup - Amber (500ml) (Approx 700 Grams)


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    Made using the same process as the dark syrup. Lighter in color with 
    a less intense candi syrup flavour. Highly fermentable.

    CraftBrewer American Ale 1 x 12gm pack

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    Belgian Candi Syrup - Dark2 (500ml) (Approx 700 Grams)


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    Our latest addition. This syrup’s flavor is a mix of burnt sugar, figs, 
    ripe fruit, toffee and dark chocolate. Highly fermentable.

    .Gel Packs (Techni Ice)


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    Our Gel Packs are deep frozen to help keep your goods cooler during transit.
    1 pack is approx the same size as the Wyeast packet & weighs 245 gms.
    Select as many packs as you like, but we recommend  min 2 in hot weather.