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    Bag - Medium Mesh 8" x 15"

    Good for steeping up to 1kg of grain or 90 gm of hops.
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    Good for steeping up to 1kg of grain or 90gm of hops.

    Good for steeping up to 1kg of grain or 90gm of hops.

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    Bag - Fine Mesh 9" x 12"


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    Hop Bag - Great for additions of pellet hops during the boil. The fine 
    mesh fabric keeps a majority of hop material from entering your fermenter. 
    It also works well for dry hopping in the keg.

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    Bag - Fine Mesh 6" x 8"


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    Hop Bag - for fermenter or keg. The fine mesh keeps the majority of hop material
    contained. Perfect for <30gm of pellets. For whole hops choose the 9x12" size.