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Beer Gun - Stainless Steel
Name: Beer Gun - Stainless Steel
Price AUD  $79.50

High quality Stainless Steel beer gun.

Tap Maintenance (click on pic for expanded view of parts)


1. Soak in hot water


1. Unscrew spindle body (4), and remove complete spindle assembly.

2. The gun body (12) can now be cleaned with a suitable bottle brush, and the spindle assembly can be soaked with any beer line cleaner.

3. Replace spindle assembly in the gun body (12) and retighten the spindle body (4).

Six Monthly

1. Unscrew dome nut (1) and remove handle (3). 2. Unscrew spindle body (4) and remove the complete spindle.

3. Dismantle, thoroughly clean and replace necessary parts.

4. Re-assembly in order shown, and grease the ‘O’ ring (6) with a good quality beer approved lubricant like Lubricating Grease (Paraliq GB-363)

5. Replace the complete spindle assembly in the gun body and tighten spindle body (4).

6. Replace handle (3) and the nut (2), finally the dome nut (1), making sure there is 0.8mm clearance between the handle and nuts before finally tightening them.