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Air Stone (Stainless 0.5 micron) Barbed
Name: Air Stone (Stainless 0.5 micron) Barbed
Price AUD  $23.50

Attach 50cm of  tubing from the "gas in" dip tube inside the keg. (Tubing not included). You set your desired pressure on the regulator and gas gets emitted through the 0.5 micron stainless stone. The half micron bubbles rise through the beer creating so much surface area contact between gas and liquid that the absorption rate is very rapid. This is very similiar to how beer is carbonated in breweries. You can also use this stone with an oxygen source to oxygenate the wort pre-fermentation. Use 6-8 PSI or until you can see bubbles for wort aeration.

Warning: Boiling or soaking this stone is likely to result in blocked pores, due to their extremely fine size, which can be difficult to clear without prolonged drying. We recommend running air/CO2 through the stone whilst submerged in your favourite non- rinse sanitiser.