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Chocolate Malt (Bairds)
Code: G1009MELB
Name: Chocolate Malt (Bairds)
Price AUD  $5.50 Per KG
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EBC 1100 - 1300 (Steep): Dark chocolate malt. Adds strong coffee flavor to your beer.
The flavour is sharp & somewhat acrid. Used in Porters and sweet Stouts
Current batch Cryer 189
EBC 1200
Complete specs available on request

900 -1100
1100 -1300
450 - 500

This product is used in the production of Porters and sweet Stouts. The flavour is sharp and somewhat acrid. A great deal of care is needed in the use of this material because of its intense colour and flavour. Manufacture is similar to Amber malt but higher final temperatures are used. Flavour again is due to pyrazines and pyrroles.