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Polyclar PVPP Granules (90gm)
Name: Polyclar PVPP Granules (90gm)
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Polyclar PVPP colloidal stabilisers from ISP are internationally recognised as the most effective available & are used by many of the world’s leading breweries.

After bottling/kegging & over time, unstabilised beer is prone to produce colloidal haze (chill haze) due to the formation of polyphenol-protein complexes. To achieve stability, these proteins need to be removed or prevented from forming. Naturally occurring flavanoid & tannoid polyphenols oxidise during beer storage, contributing to loss of freshness & beer flavour. It has been demonstrated that selective removal of some of the polyphenols present with Polyclar PVPP is a most effective way of reducing haze & preventing flavour deterioration, thus helping to keep beer bright & fresh longer.Colloidal stability of up to 12 months is routinely achieved using Polycar.

Polyclar has the following advantages:

Removes/prevents chill haze & retards the formation of stale & astringent flavour characteristics.

Consistently achieve maximum shelf life.

No adverse affect on foam, flavour or other beer quality parameters.

Highly effective at low dosage rates with short contact times.

Cost effective – Typically 0.50c per 23L batch.

Insoluble process aid that can be completely removed by filtration, or by leaving for a few days & racking off the lees.

Easy to use with excellent handling characteristics.

Meets the standards of the German Beer Purity Control Law (Reinheitsgebot).

Non – Hazardous. Safe to use with no detrimental impact on the environment.

Usage instructions:

Add 5 – 10gms polyclar (23L batch) to half a cup of freshly boiled water. (For maximum efficiency the polyclar slurry should be stirred for minimum 15 minutes, preferably 60 minutes & kept agitated until used)
Add slurry to cold conditioning beer. (The colder the beer the better).
Minimum contact time of 5 to 10 minutes is desirable (if filtering), however there is no negative impact on the beer with extended times. If not filtering, leave for 2 to 3 days to settle, then rack off the lees.
Bottle or keg.