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Beer Filter Cartridge (1.0 micron
Name: Beer Filter Cartridge (1.0 micron "Absolute")
Price AUD  $55.00


Description: The 1.0 micron “absolute” pleated PET filter is a high quality American unit, used in conjunction with a 10” filter housing will give you a bright beer without stripping your beer of flavour or colour. The 0.8 micron does not remove all trace of yeast, so it is possible to reprime the resulting beer if so desired. The pleated design gives a massive filtering area of approx 6 sq feet – so no more blocked filters halfway through a beer, as can be the case with paper style wine filters. With proper care the filter should be good for up to 2,000+ litres (100+ kegs), making it far more economical than “1 use” style spun or paper filters.

Directions: Pass the beer through the filter using CO2. This should be done at the lowest practical pressure (10 – 40kpa is ideal). Higher pressure, whilst filtering quicker, can result in yeast particles being forced through the membrane, possibly damaging it & resulting in a cloudy beer.

Cleaning: After use, rinse the filter under a tap to remove loose yeast – Then fill the filter housing with hot tap water & 1 teaspoon of unscented Napisan (Sodium Percarbonate). Leave the filter in this solution for 24 hours, remove & rinse - If the filter still shows signs of debris, repeat the process. Air dry & store away for future use. Before use it’s recommended to wash in a non-rinse sanitiser as part of your sanitation regime.

Please Note: The filter removes yeast, NOT protein haze. To achieve both, Polyclar VT (90gm) can be added to the beer a minimum of 10 minutes before filtering – Resulting in a bright beer with improved shelf life.