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Beer  Filter Kit Mk II (With 1x 1 Micron Cartridge,3 Mtr JG Line 6x8mm & 2 x JG 1/4 x 5/16 BSPT Adaptors)
Name: Beer Filter Kit Mk II (With 1x 1 Micron Cartridge,3 Mtr JG Line 6x8mm & 2 x JG 1/4 x 5/16 BSPT Adaptors)
Price AUD  $99.00

Filtering accelerates the conditioning phase of your beer, no more waiting days/weeks for the yeast to clear – once fermentation has ceased, you can chill overnight, filter, carbonate & be drinking clear beer the same day. 

The beer filter represents greast value, Consisting of a high quality, sturdy, free standing clear casing with air purge valve (In/Out threads are 1/4" bspt) - 1 micron “absolute” (American) pleated filter - 3 meters of 8mm OD beer line, 2 x John Guest quick release fittings 5/16" (8mm) x 1/4" bspt.. 

Recommended Extras:  Due to cutomer requests the Mk II model comes as a base model, which allows you to choose your own fittings. We highly recommend the following options.
Beer/Gas Control Valve (5/16", 8mm) To control the flow of the beer. By turning to the OFF position, it assists you to fully purge the cannister of air, before filtering - This is extremely important to avoid oxidisation of your beer. It also gives you precise control over flow, for filling bottles etc.
Quick Disconnect MFL (Beer) + Female Adaptor 1/4" FFL x 5/16" (8mm) These fittings will allow you to connect the Filter to a keg. Use 1 from the dispensing keg & optionally a second one for the recieving keg. The recieving keg can be filled by just running the line into the bottom of the keg, if you prefer.
Beer Filter Base The Beer Filter Base Plate makes the set-up far more stable, by providing a firm base
& moving the lines to a lower centre of gravity. Also helps prevent oxidisation.
Beer Filter - Gravity connector Save your CO2 - This simple set up allows you to gravity filter direct from your fermenter.
LubriFilm The end of the filter cartridge should have a small smear of grease to prevent damage from repeated use.
Make sure you use a lubricant that doesn't affect beer foam. 

Picture of Beer Filter with the above extras fitted

The beer filter is best installed between 2 kegs or between a keg & a suitable holding container (cube). CO2 pressure is used to push the unfiltered beer through the filter & into the clean keg or container – If using the latter, the resulting filtered beer can then be syphoned back into the dispensing keg. Pass the beer through the filter at the lowest practical pressure (10 – 40kpa is ideal). Higher pressure, whilst filtering quicker, can result in yeast particles being forced through the membrane, possibly damaging it & resulting in a cloudy beer. 
Gravity FilteringBeers can also be filtered by gravity alone. Just place the fermenter or storage vessel at a higher level than the recieving keg  & connect the filter in between. It's recommended not to try this with overly cloudy beers as you will not have the advantage of being able to increase the pressure as the cartridge becomes clogged.

Cartridge: The 1 micron “absolute” pleated cartridge will give you a bright beer while still alowing some yeast through for those wishing to naturally carbonate their beers, The cartridge only removes yeast & not Protein/Chill Haze – To remove protein haze as well, add Polyclar VT to the beer prior to filtering (for purchase/usage instructions see - Polyclar VT (90gm)). If looked after carefully, the cartridge should be good for 100+ brews (2500L+).

Cleaning: After use, remove the filter & give the housing & fittings a flush with warm water. The lines can easily be disconnected to aid cleaning. Take the filter & rinse under a tap to remove the loose yeast/hop debris. Then fill the filter housing with hot tap water & 1 teaspoon of unscented Napisan (Sodium Percarbonate). Leave the filter in this solution for 24 hours, remove & rinse - If the filter still shows signs of debris, repeat the process. Air dry & store away for future use. Before use it’s recommended to wash in a non-rinse sanitiser as part of your sanitation regime.