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Fuggle Hops (plugs x 6)
Name: Fuggle Hops (plugs x 6)
Price AUD  $8.90

Fuggle hop plugs. UK - Crop 2013 (AA 4.1%)  Bulk price (30 plugs+) = $7.90 per 6 pack.
Long associated with typical English Ale brewing. Delicate, minty, grassy slightly floral aroma.

Pedigree A chance seedling raised in England at about the turn of the century.
Maturity Early to mid-season
Yield 1200 - 1500 kg./ha. or 1050 - 1350 lb./ac.
Growth Habit Neat habit, fairly prolific, good grower hop
Disease/Pest Susceptibility Some resistance to downy mildew. Sensitive to Verticillium wilt.
Pickability/Drying/Baling Good
Cone-Structure Medium small, quite light cone
Lupulin Moderate amounts, mid-yellow
Aroma Mild, pleasant and hoppy
Alpha Acid 4 - 5.5% w/w
Beta Acid 2 - 3% w/w
Cohumulone 23 - 30% of alpha acids
Storageability 70 - 80% alpha acids remaining after 6 months storage at 20°C
Total Oil 0.7 - 1.4 mls/100 grams
Myrcene 24 - 28% of whole oil
Humulene 35 - 40% of whole oil
Carophyllene 11 - 13% of whole oil
Farnesene 5 - 7% of whole oil
General Trade Perception A hop long associated with typical English Ale brewing. Imparts good hoppy late-hop flavor.
Possible Substitutions US Fuggle, Willamette, Styrian Golding
Typical Beer Styles All English style Ales, ESB, Bitter, Lager, and Lambic
Additional Information Once a predominant hop in England but now reserved for aroma use in conjunction with high alpha types.
Typical Hop Use Aroma