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Crystal Hops (pellets 90gm)
Name: Crystal Hops (pellets 90gm)
Price AUD  $9.90

Crystal hop pellets. USA - Crop 2012 (AA 4.1 %)  Bulk price (450gm+) = $8.90 per 90gm
Mild spicy & flowery. Crystal is a lovely noble style hop.

Pedigree A triploid variety developed from the German Hallertau aroma hop variety with primary contributions from Cascade, Brewer's Gold and Early Green. Released in 1993 to the hop industry.
Maturity Mid-season
Yield 1350 - 2250 kg./ha. Or 1200 - 2000 lb./ac.
Growth Habit A fairly strong growing hop
Disease/Pest Susceptibility Somewhat susceptible to downy mildew.
Pickability/Drying/Baling Good
Cone-Structure Medium-sized fairly neat cone
Lupulin Moderately abundant, normal yellow color
Aroma Mild, spicy & flowery
Alpha Acid 3.5 - 5.5% w/w
Beta Acid 4.5 - 6.5% w/w
Cohumulone 20 - 26% of alpha acids
Storageability 50% alpha acids remaining after 6 months storage at 20°C.
Total Oil 1.0 - 1.5 mls/100 grams
Myrcene 40 - 65% of whole oil
Humulene 18 - 24% of whole oil
Carophyllene 4 - 8% of whole oil
Farnesene <1% of whole oil
General Trade Perception Very popular in the craft-brewing industry. Viewed as the most pungent of the new triploid Hallertau family of hops.
Possible Substitutions Mt. Hood, Hersbruck, French Strisselspalt, Liberty, Hallertau
Typical Beer Styles Pilsner, Lager, Kvlsch, ESB, Alt, Belgian-Style Ales
Additional Information Primarily grown in Oregon. Acreage is increasing. Released in the 1990's.
Typical Hop Use Aroma