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Dr Rudi (Super Alpha Hops)(pellets 90gm)
Name: Dr Rudi (Super Alpha Hops)(pellets 90gm)
Price AUD  $9.50

Super Alpha (Dr.Rudi) hop pellets NZ - Crop 2012 (AA 12.2%)  Bulk price (450gm+) = $8.50 per 90gm
Used in some of the worlds finest lagers, it has a clean slightly grassy aroma, 
producing a crisp, clean flavour in the beer, with some nice resiny character. 

Pedigree  A triploid variety bred from New Zealand variety “Smoothcone” x open pollinated at the New Zealand Horticultural Research Centre (now named HortResearch) and released in 1976.

General Description     A dual purpose hop imparting both aroma and bitterness to some of the world’s finest Lagers. A unique cross of the best English and German hops, Super Alpha has a clean slightly grassy aroma, producing a crisp clean flavour in the beer, with some nice resiny character.

Beer Styles               Lagers, Ales, Strong Bitters, Irish Reds, Dry Stouts, Sweet Porters

Agronomics             Maturity                        Mid season
                                    Yield                             Moderate
Growth Habit            Moderately vigorous spring growth, clavate frame
                                    Cone Structure              Long compact cones
                                    Disease Resistance      As no disease problems in New Zealand, not defined
                                    Storage Stability            Good

HPLC Analysis          Alpha Acids                   10 - 12 %
                                    Beta Acids                    7 – 8.5 %
                                    Cohumulone                  36 - 39 % of Alpha Acids

Oil Composition      (Measured within 6 months of harvest, stored at 0 ºC)

Total Oil                      1.3 mls oil per 100 gram cone weight

                                    Concentration                97 uL Oil/gram Alpha
                                    Myrcene                        29.2 %
                                    Humulene                      33.2 %