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Crosby Experimental Hop #6 USA (90 gm Pellets)
Name: Crosby Experimental Hop #6 USA (90 gm Pellets)
Price AUD  $12.00

Crosby Idaho Experimental hop pellets #6. USA - Crop 2014 (AA 10.3%)  Bulk price (450gm+) = $11.00 per 90gm

This hop is a new experimental variety grown and developed by Jackson Hops in Idaho. A big IPA hop that is very dank, pungent, and very bold, in the Columbus spectrum. This hop also has an intense fruitiness. Dual purpose hops suitable for bittering and aroma, late and dry hopping.

Crosby hop pellets are a softer "craft pellet". These pellets are approx 20% less dense than industry standard pellets. The soft pellet comes apart quickly when used as a dry hop, and provides better hop utilisation.