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Crosby Experimental Hop #4 USA (90gm Pellets)
Name: Crosby Experimental Hop #4 USA (90gm Pellets)
Price AUD  $12.00

Crosby Idaho Experimental hop pellets #4. USA - Crop 2014 (AA 7.4%) Bulk price (450gm+) = $11.00 per 90gm

This hop is a new experimental variety grown and developed by Jackson Hops in Idaho. Very bright complex and floral hop in the Cascade – Amarillo spectrum. Has citrus notes but more focused in the floral spectrum. Suitable for aroma, late, dry hopping, and signature styles include APA, IPA.

Crosby hop pellets are a softer "craft pellet". These pellets are approx 20% less dense than industry standard pellets. The soft pellet comes apart quickly when used as a dry hop, and provides better hop utilisation.