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Bacchus Lager Base Fresh Wort Kit (20L)
Name: Bacchus Lager Base Fresh Wort Kit (20L)
Price AUD  $49.00

Bacchus Lager Base Fresh Wort Kit (Approx SG 1045) Create your own Style !!!!
This Fresh Wort Kit is a simple lager recipe consisting of 90% Weyermann German Pilsner malt and 10% Weyermann German Vienna malt with a SG of 1045. It is bittered to 20 IBU with a single 60 minute addition of Magum hops and contains no late hop additions. We have purposely made the grainbill simple and not added any late hops to produce a base lager wort that will allow the customer to add their own twist of creativity to design their own unique beer. The possibilities are endless for the variations you can choose. It can be made into anything from a Munich Helles to, Dortmunder, German Pils, Schwarzbier, Kolsch, Saison or Belgian Ale. The choice is yours.

The wort can simply be fermented out with a lager or ale yeast of your choice and some dry hops added after fermentation to make an easy drinking lager or ale. Specialty grains can be steeped in a portion of the wort and boiled with additions of hops in the boil to create a more complex lager or ale. If you want to bump up the gravity to make a beer with a SG higher then 1045 you can simply add some malt extract in with the wort in the fermenter. If you have the capability you can even boil the entire volume of wort in your brew kettle to reduce the volume and increase the gravity and add more hop additions along the way. Alternately if you want to make a beer with a lower SG than 1045 you can simply dilute with clean water in the fermenter.