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Briess Extract Sorghum Syrup (1.5kg)
Name: Briess Extract Sorghum Syrup (1.5kg)
Price AUD  $17.50

 BriesSweet™ White Sorghum Syrup. High Maltose is a gluten free, 100% concentrated wort made from the unmalted grain, not the cane, of the white sorghum plant. BriesSweet™ White Sorghum Syrup was developed by our Briess staff specifically for the production of gluten -free beer in 2005. It successfully mimics the brewhouse performance of liquid malt extract because it was developed to provide the proteins and amino acids necessary for yeast nutrition, head retention and body along with colour and flavour. Characteristics of BriesSweet™ White Sorghum Syrup include:
•Produced from unmalted white sorghum grain
• Mild “grain-like” flavor
• No unpleasant aftertaste like red sorghum syrup
• 1:1 malt extract substitute for brewing beer
• Sufficient proteins and amino acids for 100% extract brewing