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Temperature Controller 16amp
Name: Temperature Controller 16amp
Price AUD  $79.90

These new temp controllers are fantastic if you have no wiring experience and don't want to fiddle around connecting wires yourself. These controllers come fully wired up in a black box so all you need to do is plug one side into the mains power point and then plug the device you want to control into the temp controller box. The 16amp controller comes with 2 plugs on the back of the box, one being for heating and one for cooling.

• Temperature Probe
• Instructions
• Control Panel
Mounting Bracket
• Broad temperature
operating range
oC – 120
oC) and high
• Comes with included temperature probe
• 0.1
oC Accuracy
• High and Low Temperature Alarm with Optional Alarm Delay
• Celsius and Fahrenheit display option
• Independent Heating and Cooling Delay Start Control
• 16amp Heating or Cooling capacity
• Inbuilt alarm
• “Fridge On” or “Heater On” Indicator Icon