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Ella Hops Pellets 90gm (Formerly Stella)
Name: Ella Hops Pellets 90gm (Formerly Stella)
Price AUD  $8.50

 Ella hop pellets (formerly Stella). AUS - Crop 2017 (AA 16.3%) Bulk price (450gm+) = $7.50 per 90gm
Ella is a new aroma variety which contributes hoppy and floral notes, with subtle hints of anise and a satisfying fullness of palate. Ella is reminiscent of, yet distinctly different in character to noble European varieties, and provides a contrast to the citrus and tropical fruit characters of many modern hops. Ella grows vigorously, producing moderately large, dense cones which mature mid- to late-season, with a broad harvest window helping to ensure excellent physical and
chemical quality in the final product. With an alpha acid content of ~15%, Ella is an aroma hop with options. This newly developed aroma hop deserves experimentation – the hoppy characters and textureon the palate would provide a new twist to a pilsner or lager, while the floral characters could provide a highlight in a wide range of beer styles.
Analytical Data
Yield (Kg/Ha) 3000—3500
Alpha acids (%) 14—16
Beta acids (%) 4.0—4.5
Alpha/Beta Ratio 2.3
Cohumulone (%) 36.0
Total Oils (ml/100g) 2.9
Oil Concentration (ml oil/g alpha) 200
Myrcene (% of whole oil) 33
Caryophyllene (% of whole oil) 15
Farnesene (% of whole oil) 13
Humulene(% of whole oil) 1.2
Selinene (% of whole oil) 1
Humulene/Caryophyllene ratio 1