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Floor-Malted Bohemian Dark Malt (Weyermann) (FM BO DARK)
Code: G4970MELB
Name: Floor-Malted Bohemian Dark Malt (Weyermann) (FM BO DARK)
Price AUD  $5.80 Per KG
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EBC 12 - 20 (mash required): Produced from quality czech-grown two-row spring barley (authentic Bohemian barley varieties Bojos and Tolar). Intensified malt aroma and taste, malt sweetness. Traditional, authentic dark floor malt produced in Czech. Republic according to highest Weyermann® quality standards. Flavor: intensely malt aroma; malty-sweet; notes of bread and biscuit. Typical style usage: American-Style Dark Lager; Dark Ale; Bohemian Dark Lagers; Bohemian Festival Beers; Bohemian Bock Beer; Dubbel.

Parameter: Minimum: Maximum: Unit:
Moisture content 4.5 %
Extract (dry substance) 78 %
Color 12 20 EBC
Color 5.1 8.1 Lovibond
Protein (dry substance) 10 12 %
Kolbach Index 36.5 45.5 %
Hartong Index 45°C 34 45 %
Saccharification time 20 min
Viscosity (8.6%) 1.69 m Pa s
Friability 75 %
Glassy Kernels 3.5 %