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Rye Caramel Malt - (Weyermann)
Code: G5048
Name: Rye Caramel Malt - (Weyermann)
Price AUD  $6.00 Per KG
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 EBC 150 - 200 (Steep): Typical usage rates are around 5% by weight of the grist. Creates beers that tend to be sweet and malty with a full mouthfeel. The warm wholemeal biscuit flavors are allied to characteristic rye spiciness.
Product EBC Lovibond Use Rate Result Availability
Caramel Rye Malt 150 - 200 56.8 - 75.6
Use in speciality beers, Rye Ale, Rye Lager, Dunkel Rye Wheat @ up to15 %
Gives nice brown color & typical rye flavor