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Bacchus Kettle Sour - Fresh Wort Kit (20L)
Name: Bacchus Kettle Sour - Fresh Wort Kit (20L)
Price AUD  $49.00

For a Fruit Sour beer we would suggest fermenting the wort out with the yeast of your choice and add fruit at the end of fermentation. If you wish to produce a traditional Berliner Weisse without fruit added you can simply ferment out with yeast/brett strain of your choice. We have used US05 in our test batches to give a neutral yeast character. If you are looking for more yeast character any of the Belgian Ale, Saison or Brett strains could be used. Once fermentation is complete fruit can be added into the beer.

If making a fruit sour simply choose the fruit you wish to add. We suggest the following amounts of fruit to be added per 20 lt batch:
Passionfruit 2 kg
Raspberries 2 kg
Cherries 2 kg
Strawberries 4 kg
We have used frozen fruit and pulp in our test batches. If using whole frozen fruit it will need to be processed in a blender to get more flavour. Add the fruit into a large mesh hop bag and add to the fermenter for around 7 days. Keep the beer at fermentation temps and sample the beer through out the process and more fruit can be added if required. Check the gravity of the wort to ensure that any sugar present in the fruit has fermented out before bottling.

The Kettle Sour wort kit can also be used to make a Gose. Gose is a very slightly salty and sour ale from the Saxony region in Germany. It generally has a lactic sourness with the addition Coriander and Salt in the boil. On brew day take a portion of the wort ( 2 litres would be enough) in a pot and bring it to the boil on the stove. Add 8 grams Himalayan Pink Salt and 10 grams cracked coriander seeds to the boiling wort and boil for 10 minutes. After the boil is finished cool the pot in sink of cold water. Add the cooled wort into the fermenter with the rest of the wort from the cube. Pitch your yeast and ferment normally.
Recommended yeast for Gose: Wyeast Kolsch 2565, Wyeast German Ale 1007 or Craftbrewer German Ale dried yeast.