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BYO Oct 2011(Clearance Special)
Name: BYO Oct 2011(Clearance Special)
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October 2011 - Specials:

  • How do I make specialty grains?
  • I have some left over London Ale yeast sitting in my fridge . . . how long will that last? If I make a yeast starter, what could I do to make it last?
  • Brew U: Getting A Serious Brewing Education
    If you’re looking to turn pro, getting a brewing education will give you a leg up on the competition. Learn your options for getting some serious brew schooling. Plus: “Why Go Pro?,” an essay by Jamil Zainasheff.
  • Storing Yeast, DIY Specialty Grains: Mr. Wizard
    The Wiz lavishly answers questions from two frugal homebrewers on saving your brewers yeast and making your own specialty grains.
  • Build A Hardwood Beer Box: Projects
    Build a hardwood homebrew box with a nautical theme.
  • Wort Stories: Last Call
    How one old school homebrewer caught the bug.

Additional Articles:

  • Retro Regional Beer Clones
    Take a trip down memory lane and visit five breweries that ruled their region back in the day — Olympia, Dixie, Choc, Hamm’s and Rolling Rock. Plus: Clones by Steve Bader.
  • Aroma Hop Breeding
    In the Pacific Northwest, the company Indie Hops is teaming with Oregon State University to develop new aroma hop varieties. Plus: James Spencer reviews three new hop varieties — El Dorado®, HBC 369 and Galaxy.
  • Choosing A Brew School: Tips from the Pros
    Tips on choosing the right brewing education from three brewing educators.
  • Maibock: Style Profile
    Clean and malty are the watchwords for Maibock.
  • Preventing Oxidation: Techniques
    How to keep the negative effects of oxygen away from your homebrew.
  • Controlling Chill Haze: Advanced Brewing
    The chilling tale of colloidal stabilization — or, how to prevent chill haze in your beer.