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BYO Magazine - Sept 2010 (Clearance Special)
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Name: BYO Magazine - Sept 2010 (Clearance Special)
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September 2010 Special Features

  • Redhead CPA (Cherry Pale Ale)
    Not your typical American Pale Ale. This one comes with cherries.
  • California Common Shoreline Steamer
    Another American Lager recipe.
  • Pendulum Swinger Light Ale
    A couple from one of the local homebrew clubs sent out a call to the club members to provide homebrew for their upcoming wedding reception. A couple of hours into their reception, the keg of Pendulum Swinger Light Ale had already blown!
  • Big Sky Moose Drool Brown Ale clone
    A Brown Ale from Big Sky country.
  • Elysian the Wise
  • Weyerbacher Fifteen (Smoked Imperial Stout)
    A smoked Imperial Stout to sip
  • Carolina Brewing Company Imperial Stout clone
    A Carolina Imperial stout clone
  • Ska Brewing Co. Kingpin Double Red clone
    A malty English Scottish Strong Red Ale
  • 15th Anniversary Clones
    BYO began 15 years ago. In order to bring you some interesting clone recipes, we contacted 5 commercial breweries — each founded by homebrewers 15 years ago — and asked if they were brewing anything special.
  • Pairing Beer and Cheese: Tips from the Pros
    Beer and cheese taste great. Let three experts explain how they can be even better together.
  • Measuring IBUs: Mr.Wizard
    Are IBUs like the Scoville units used to rate chilis? The Wiz gives a cool answer to this burning question.
  • Traveling Homebrew: Last Call
    A year-long bike and brew trek
  • Two Brothers Brewing Co. Domaine DuPage clone
    A popular French-style country ale.

Additional Articles

  • Cooking with Homebrew
    There’s an emerging style of cookery called Beer Cuisine. Let “The Homebrew Chef” explain how to approach incorporating beer in your food recipes and give three delicious recipes using Baltic porter.
  • BYO's 15th Anniversary Ale
    A beer recipe in celebration of our 15th anniversary
  • 15 Tips from 15 Brewers
    Fifteen top brewers give tips in their area of expertise.
  • Adding Fruit to Sour Beers
    The best way to capture the flavor of fresh fruit in beer is to brew a sour fruit beer. Find out why, when and how to add fruit to your beer. Plus: 3 sour fruit beer recipes
  • Baltic Porter
    Baltic porter is a dark ale in the porter family. Find out the right malts and methods to make this amazing ale.
  • Calculating Gravity, Yield and Alcohol Content: Techniques
    Master the basic brewing calculations using your hydrometer and take the guesswork out of your brew day.
  • How a pH Meter Works: Advanced Brewing
    Master the basic brewing calculations using your hydrometer and take the guesswork out of your brew day.
  • Build a Heat Stick: Projects
    Build a heat stick for indoor brewing.