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Cream Soda Extract - Gnome
Name: Cream Soda Extract - Gnome
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Just like old fashioned cream soda. Leave out most of the honey with this one and go primarily with straight cane sugar. Makes 5 to 10 gallons per packet according to the instructions. We recommend using half a packet per 5 gallon batch.

The recipe included on the back of these packs is for a 2.5 gallon batch using 1 to 2 oz per batch.

4 oz package. Makes 5 to 10 gallons (20 to 40 litres)



Directions to make and bottle home made soda:

1) You will need 8 Litres of water heated to between 60 - 70c. Hot water from the tap works.
2)Add all ingredients to the kettle and mix thoroughly. Allow mixture to stand for 15 minutes.
3) Add Eleven Litres of cold water and mix again. Take a temperature reading. If the temperature has dropped below
35c proceed to step 4, if not, additional cooling time is necessary. You will kill the yeast cells if you add them
at a temperature in excess of 35c.
4) Add 5 grams of champagne yeast and mix again.
5) Bottle soda and then allow the bottles to stand at room temperature for one day.
6) Open a bottle everday thereafter to test for carbonation. When desired carbonation has been achieved move ALL
bottles into refrigeration. The cold will stop the yeast activity. Bottles left out at room temperature will most likely
explode as the yeast continues to consume the sugar and produce CO2.

Directions to make and keg home made soda:

1) You will need 8 Litres of water heated to between 60 - 70c. Hot water from the tap works.
2)Add hot water and all ingredients to the keg. Pressurize with CO2 and shake to mix thoroughly. Allow to stand for
15 minutes.
3) Add Eleven litres of cold water to the keg. Pressurise and shake again.
4) Put the keg in the refrigerator and carbonate.
5) Remember that when kegging soda you should have a special keg for soda only, since soda does contaminate the
lines and gaskets, causing beer to have an unmistakable soda flavor.

The Famous B3 Recipe:

This recipe is meant as a guidline only and you should customise the recipes to your taste once
you have a little experience.

19L recipe. If making a smaller volume scale down your ingredients accordingly.

1.5kg honey
1kg Cane sugar
1 Bottle of Rootbeer extract (except Gnome brand - only use half the bottle)
1/2 - 1 Tblsp Vanilla extract (optional)

Note for Cream Soda Makers: When we make cream soda we use 2kg of cane sugar
and 0.5kg of honey. We do not use any vanilla extract with cream soda.