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Pilsner (Bohemian) - Floor Malted) Malt (Weyermann®)
Code: G4997MELB
Name: Pilsner (Bohemian) - Floor Malted) Malt (Weyermann®)
Price AUD  $5.50 Per KG
Weight grams

Product EBC Lovibond Use Rate Result
Floor-Malted Bohemian
Pilsner Malt
3 - 5 1.7 - 2.4
  • Authentic Bohemian Pilsners
  • European Lagers
  • full-bodied international ale and lager styles
up to 100 %
  • made in an original floor malting facility from Bohemian spring barley
  • produces authentic traditional, Bohemian-style malt flavors and aromas
  • suitable for all lagers and ales