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Carabohemian® Malt (Weyermann®)
Code: G4996AMELB
Name: Carabohemian® Malt (Weyermann®)
Price AUD  $5.70 Per KG
Weight grams

Dark Golden-brown, this 2 row spring barley has slightly aromatic kernels.
They contribute a dark-amber to deep-coppery colour to the finished beer.
Adds mouthfeel as well as a rich malt accent to the brew.

Recommended Quantities:
Up to 5% of total grain bill for paler beers & up to 20% for darker beers.

Suitability (beer styles):
Lagers: Bohemian Dark, Oktoberfest, Bocks & Dunkels.
Ales; Red, Brown, Amber, Malt Liquor.

Moisture: max 6.5%, Extract (dry basis) min 73%, Colour 170 - 220 EBC

Current Batch No# K18 - EBC 200.