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Silicone Hose -  Light Duty (ID12.7mm)
Name: Silicone Hose - Light Duty (ID12.7mm)
Price AUD  $9.50

Food grade silicone tube is able to withstand boiling wort or water. Silicone hose may be autoclaved or boiled between uses. Silicone hose is resistant to all the standard brewing cleaners (including sodium hydroxide, phosphoric acid and bleach) and is inert (meaning it will not leach flavors into your beer).

You can order by the meter adding multiple items to your shopping cart. All lengths supplied as a single continuous piece (maximum continuous length 50m)

Silicone Hose Specifications
Inside diameter 12.7mm
Outside diameter 16.7mm

For pumping liquids under low pressure or where low pressure may result in a vacuum forming in the tubing we recommend you consider our Heavy duty silicone hose. Silicone Hose - Heavy Duty