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Belgian Candi Syrup - Dark (500ml) (Approx 700 Grams)
Code: G7103
Name: Belgian Candi Syrup - Dark (500ml) (Approx 700 Grams)
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Throw your rock candi out the window and make way for the missing link! Our new Dark Candi Syrup has more flavor than traditional candy rocks, and comes straight out of the breweries in Belgium. This syrup is actually made in Belgium, and is the same sugar that the breweries themselves are using to craft their smooth, rich, and malty beers that Belgium has been so well known for. Made from White Beet Sugar, the intense flavor has to be tasted to be believed - one drop on the tongue and you will realize that this is the missing link to your Belgian beers!

CandI syrup is a liquid obtained as a by-product of the candi sugar production.


Chemical and physical: Dry extract: 78.50 - 80.50%

Ash: 0.80 - 1.30%


Viscosity: Syrup temp 60° F = 20700 centipoises

Syrup temp: 140° F = 394 centipoises

Sugar Profile: Fructose: 16.34%

Sucrose: 29.84%

Glucose: 18.10%

Carbohydrates: 64.28%

Color: SRM 80 or 157 EBC

Usage: 1.031PPPG or 7.8 P

Visual and organoleptical: Free from abnormal odors, flavors and visible foreign bodies

Microbiological: Total: max. 500 by 10 g sugar Yeasts: max. 50 by 10 g sugar

Moulds: max. 50 by 10 g sugar

5.50 - 7.50