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Crown Hot Water Urn 40L (Concealed Element)
Code: CI-HW40TC
Name: Crown Hot Water Urn 40L (Concealed Element)
Price AUD  $295.00


Crown Hot Water Urn with concealed element. These are our preference for boiling
Constructed from high quality stainless steel & incorporating a thermostat control
& boil dry protection. These urns are suitable for HLT's & Kettles. The concealed element
makes cleaning much easier & puts less stress on the element when heating liquids denser
than water - E.g. wort.

* Standard mug fits under tap
* Non drip two way tap
* Water level site tube
* Skirt on lid knob
* Thermostat control
* Heat resistant handles
* Boil Dry thermostat on concealed element
* Heat resistant lid knob