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Isinglass (Vicfine) 45gm
Name: Isinglass (Vicfine) 45gm
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Product Information
Vicfine Isinglass is a purified and standardised form of collagen derived from the swim bladders of tropical and subtropical fish. It is a free flowing powder, insoluble at the pH of finished beer and contains a small amount of solublising agent & sodium metabisulphite as preservative. It is classified as a processing aid, as it is absent in finished beer.
Typical Characterisitics
· White to off-white powder
· Slight fishy odour
Application Dose Rates
The normal usage is just 0.5 – 1.0 gm per 25 Litres, but excessively cloudy beer may require more.
Vicfine Isinglass should be mixed with chilled water at (5c or below) at a rate of 1 gm/200mL.
Higher temps will start to denature the product. Thoroughly mix for up to 30 minutes, & stir the resulting solution into your beer. This may be added to your fermenter or keg.
Mode of Action
Vicfine Isinglass speeds up and improves beer clarification by accelerating the sedimentation of yeast and other insoluble material into a compact layer at the bottom of the storage tank. At the pH of beer, the positive charge of Vicfine Isinglass neutralises the negative charge of the yeast cells destroying the mutual repulsion that keeps the cells in suspension and promotes rapid flocculation that settles the yeast cells quickly to the bottom of the tank.
·         Reduces the cost of storage vessels and refrigeration.
·         Minimises the use of diatomaceous earth.
·         Boosts filtration efficiency.
·         Easy to prepare and simple to use.
·         Also improves beer foam quality.
·         Enhances colloidal stability.
·         Effective at very low dosage rates.
·  Vicfine Isinglass powder can be kept for an indefinite period if stored under cool, dry conditions.
·  Vicfine Isinglass solution should be used within 24-36 hours of preparation and kept below 20c
   to avoid denaturing the collagen.
Safety and Enzyme Handling
Inhalation of enzyme dust and mists should be avoided. In case of contact with the skin or eyes, promptly rinse with water for at least 15 minutes.

MSDS available on request.