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Whirlfloc Tablets (90gms)
Name: Whirlfloc Tablets (90gms)
Price AUD  $9.90


Whirlfloc consists of carrageenan polymers that have large negatively charged molecules which achieve clarity by bonding with positively charged wort proteins, lipids & glucans, forming tightly bound electrically neutral aggregates. These aggregates sediment out of the wort rapidly to form a dense compact trub.

  • Improves clarity of wort & beer.
  • Increases wort recovery.
  • Improves beer stability by removal of haze forming proteins & beta-glucans.
  • Shortens fermentation time.
  • Improves trub separation.
  • Helps to precipitate copper & iron from solution.
  • Dust free granules come in a stand up ziplock pouch for safe & easy handling.

Add half a tablet for a 23L batch, directly to the kettle 10 minutes before end of boil.

Store in a cool dry place.